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Backups for Microsoft Office 365

Backups for Microsoft 365 ensures your critical cloud data is secure, easily discoverable, and always accessible so your business can prevent data loss and meet regulatory and compliance requirements.

Trusted by over 100,000 organizations across the globe.

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Learn how to minimize downtime, increase productivity, and cut costs with the ability to recover lost data in minutes. All with a user-friendly, intuitive interface.

All the features you need:

  • New backup snapshot every 4 hours
  • Unlimited data storage & retention
  • Granular data restores

Recommended by Microsoft

Microsoft does not back up Office 365 user data, so it recommends using third-party solutions to protect data against common issues like file corruption and everyday human error. Minimize downtime, increase productivity, and stay compliant with the ability to quickly recover lost data.

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Comprehensive backup across Microsoft Office 365 applications:

Learn which items Rewind backs up for each application

See the complete list of filetypes

Exchange Online

Sharepoint for Business

OneDrive for Business

Office 365 Groups

Microsoft Teams

Simple Pricing for All Organizations


Billed annually



  • New backup snapshot every 4 hours

  • Unlimited data storage & retention

  • Granular data restores

  • Expert support 7 days a week

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you add or remove Files within your billing cycle (month), we’ll calculate your updated monthly bill (based on the number of Files you have linked) on your billing date. Your monthly bill will be updated and charged on this date going forward.

No. You are only ever billed for Files that you link. In fact, due to a limitation from Intuit’s API, you are only able to link QBO Files one-at-a-time. As you continue to link Files, your cost-per-file will decrease according to our pricing schedule.

Absolutely! If you have over 150 QBO Files, please use the Contact Us button in our Custom Enterprise plan and we’ll get in touch to set up a custom plan that suits your needs.

At this time, we only offer monthly plans. That being said, we are actively considering adding an annual plan to provide additional flexibility for those who need it. If you would like to sign up for an annual plan, please let us know.

Please refer to our refund policy.

When you join Rewind’s Agency Partner Program, you don’t become a sales rep. Your role is to educate your clients about the limitations of what Shopify and BigCommerce offer in terms of backups and that Rewind is a recommended solution. (We have plenty of content to help you). You are paired with a dedicated account manager who, if needed, can help onboard your clients onto the right plan and answer any questions.

We offer a generous referral bonuses up to $1000 USD. Plus, you get the benefit of our “Churn-Proof” Referral Policy.

We love collaborating with our partners on co-marketing activities! Here are some of the ways we have supported our partners through co-marketing:
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  • Client case studies
  • Video interviews
  • Guest blog posts
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  • Webinars and virtual events
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We're also always open to new co-marketing ideas and opportunities to collaborate!

Protect Your Organization

Your first full Office 365 backup kicks off in minutes after an intuitive, software-free setup.

Unlimited storage and backup retention safeguard your organization. Restore data at a granular level, by filetype or date.

Mitigate risks of data loss and stay audit-ready with a complete log of backup activity on your account, including restores.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Backups for Microsoft 365 is developed by SkyKick and operated by the Rewind team you’ve come to know and trust.

Rewind is committed to bringing you the highest quality backup and recovery solutions, through building them or partnering with world-class providers like SkyKick.

Our mission is to be your one-stop-shop for backup & recovery solutions so you can back up more for less and easily manage your backups in one place.

SkyKick has been a Microsoft 365 backup and recovery leader since 2011. Having raised over $200 million dollars in funding to provide best-in-class software, SkyKick is trusted by some of the largest and most trusted brands in the Microsoft ecosystem, with over 7 years in market and 30+ petabytes of data protected.

Backed up data is stored in a secure and encrypted state by SkyKick on Microsoft Azure allowing you to maintain the inherent security of the Microsoft Cloud. SkyKick is GDPR and HIPAA compliant.

Microsoft backs up its platform – not your individual account data. Under the Shared Responsibility Model, users are responsible for securing their individual data. Microsoft recommends users leverage a third-party data protection solution like Backups for Microsoft 365 to extend its applications’ native data retention policies. To truly protect your cloud data, you need a full backup: a backup of all your data that you control, own, have continuous access to, and is stored off-site.

From malicious attacks and cybercrime to the more mundane (yet common) threat of human error, data loss can occur from any number of causes. An automated backup and recovery solution like Backups for Microsoft 365 mitigates the risk of unexpected data loss as you can quickly and accurately recover your data in minutes.

Rewind Backups for Microsoft 365 provides complete data protection with automated daily backups of your Office 365 applications, including Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Teams. The app performs a complete backup daily, enabling users to restore data with precision: you can restore a single data point, such as the subject of an email, or an entire fileset, like an inbox. Data restoration is simple and efficient – simply select the date when everything worked perfectly, and click “restore”. Your Microsoft 365 data will be automatically restored directly back to your applications. Rapid data recovery and granular data restoration maintain productivity and empower users to work safely, knowing they can quickly recover from data loss, corruption, or deletion.

Though on-premises backup software might be more familiar, taking the cloud backup route is the best option. Backing information up to the cloud means that there is no overhead for you to manage. It also means significant savings as a result of not having to manage your own infrastructure. Cloud backup solutions like Backups for Microsoft 365 are user-friendly and intuitive, requiring no specialized knowledge or expensive development time.

On-prem backup software is sort of like a well-stocked kitchen: it has everything you need to make a meal, if you have the right recipe, the necessary skills, and own the required tools. In contrast, cloud backup software is more like a trusted caterer: they handle the prep work, delivery, and clean up – all you have to do is eat.

In another metaphor we like, cloud backup vs. on-premises software is the difference between having a water tap at your fingertips vs. digging a well yourself.

Archiving and Litigation Hold can be useful data protection tools, but unlike Rewind Backups for Microsoft 365 they are not designed to replace backup and recovery tools. Restoring a single email using Litigation Hold can take 5+ hours of technical labor. Rewind Backups for Microsoft 365 is designed for day-to-day use, making it easy to find lost data in seconds and allowing users to restore in a matter of clicks. Rewind Backups for Microsoft 365 requires no specialized software or coding skills, making it simple for every member of your organization to restore their critical data in a few clicks.

Great question! Geo-redundancy is often mistaken for backup. Geo-redundancy allows customers to access their data in the event of a data center outage in one area. It’s used for platform-wide disaster recovery. But, if the data deletion occurred on just your account (the far more likely scenario), geo-redundancy isn’t helpful as deletions are replicated across all data centers. In order to restore account level data, you need a dedicated account level backup and recovery tool.

Data loss is expensive: to your reputation, to your compliance and legal status, and to your bottom line. According to a study from Kaspersky Labs, the average cost of a data breach in North America was $1.23 million for large enterprises and $120,000 for SMBs and is increasing year over year. Organizations handling particularly sensitive data such as financial or health records face steep regulatory fines and penalties if their data is breached. If you’re not in a position to lose thousands of dollars and risk your reputation (who is?) – a backup protection plan is entirely justified.